Autmas is an autistic celebration day which is an alternative to Christmas. It was created by a member of Aspies for Freedom in 2012. He began it because Christmas can be very hard for autistics with no friends, and little family, the commercialism is aimed at drinking with friends, eating with family and spending a lot of money on gifts.

We feel that Autmas is a better way to celebrate when you are not in the stereotypical family situation and have nobody to buy presents for. You don't have to be on the autism spectrum to celebrate and give well wishes to friends online, having a spirit of unity without the pressure to conform to Christian standards is often welcomed.

Autmas is celebrated on 23rd, 24th, and 25th of December. We welcome those who are lonely to our autism and aspie chat room to join with others and discuss feelings about life and the world. Don't feel isolated for the season, feel included in a unique way. Don't feel pressure to spend money, don't feel down because your friends are online. Celebrate Autmas and do whatever you feel is right for you!

We love to: wish everyone we know a happy Autmas, send online cards and memes to online friends, tell our twitter and instagram followers to join in the fun, get together in the chat room and make up songs and rhymes.

If you wish to celebrate further and fully integrate Autmas into part of your seasonal activities you can follow these suggestions made by an AFF member.

Choose a candle holder which can hold three candles, called a promie. Light one candle for each day of Autmas. The first candle is Reveal. It is the proud revealing that you have autism, and you live your life on the spectrum.

The second candle is Recognize. It is recognizing the skills and talent of autistic people.

The last candle is Preservation, for the preservation and acceptance of autistic people. For the mindful protection of vulnerable autistics all around the world. You can start a party of autistic people if you wish to on the final day, a little celebration or festival with games, food and dancing. You can also exchange gifts like your art or poetry.